Challenge Partners

Challenge Partners has a mission to improve pupils' outcomes and reduce educational inequality through effective collaboration, enabling every pupil to experience the combined wisdom of the education system. 

To work towards this mission, they have collectively adopted these four core aims that guide what they do:

  • Improve pupils’ examination results at a rate above the national average and accelerate progress of the disadvantaged
  • Enable all their schools to improve at a rate above the national average
  • Create more national leaders and outstanding schools that fulfil the Teaching Schools criteria
  • Develop a world class, self-improving and sustainable system that contributes to national research and policy-making

Projects that the Herts & Bucks Challenge Partners hub have been involved in are The Hegarty Maths Year 7 pilot project and Challenge the Gap. We have worked with the IOU, University of Cambridge (CamStar) over the past couple of years on a series of research projects focused upon ‘The effectiveness of Homework’; ‘Reducing workload and marking’; ‘Verbal feedback’; ‘The efficacy of rewards and sanctions’; ‘The alignment of student motivation to engagement in the lesson planning process’ and a 'Memory Retrieval Project'.

The research project we are woking on in 2019 - 2020 will be 'Interleaving'. This is process where students mix, or interleave, multiple subjects or topics while they study in order to improve their learning.

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