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From January 2017 The Herts and Bucks Teaching School Alliance, with the specific support of Caroline Russell, Dr Challoner’s High School, and Andrew Jones, The Reach Free School, have explored a range of support networks which provide top notch support for collaborative research groups. As a result, we are delighted to be working with CamStar (IOU, University of Cambridge) from September 2017 in bringing together a range of research projects, led by our NQTs +2 and 3 and in collaboration with our Challenge Partners’ colleagues. Please see The CamStar General Overview for further details. If you are interested in joining a research group, please contact

The focus areas for 2017 – 2018 are as follows:

‘The effectiveness of Homework’

‘Reducing workload and marking’;

‘Verbal feedback’

‘The efficacy of rewards and sanctions’

‘The alignment of student motivation to engagement in the lesson planning process’.


The Herts and Bucks Teaching School Alliance Blog

Led by Andrew Jones at The Reach Free School, our Alliance Blog became operational in June 2017 and may be found at

A vehicle for ‘live’ discussion of current teaching, learning and educational research, we would invite potential bloggers to get in touch at

Do let your voice be heard!


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