TSST Physics Participant 2019

I want to say thank you for putting so much passion into the TSST course, I’m really enjoying it. My passion for Physics is now being passed on to my students who are enjoying their lessons so much more. Quite a few come in to my lessons now excited about the content!

The strategies that have worked the most for me are:

The algebra way of showing students how to rearrange equations- gone is the need for the triangle method constantly!

The different models for electricity, particularly the rope model discussed on the course.

Getting to grips with radioactivity on a deeper level so I can explain to students in depth what happens when an atom goes through alpha, beta or gamma decay.

How to draw lens diagrams! I was so excited to finally understand this concept and passing that confidence onto 60 triple science students felt really good. The penny dropped for them so quickly and now they’re off showing their friends and family.

There are so many more things you’ve taught me and I’m looking forward to the final session with a tinge of sadness that it will be over. Thank you so much again.

Testimonial GCSE Results 2018

‘The strongest improvement was seen in Combined Science…This highlights the efficacy of support put in place by the Herts and Bucks Teaching Alliance since February 2018.’

Rob Bird, Acting Headteacher Onslow St Audrey’s

TSST Physics Participants 2017

Subject knowledge of Amriss allows us to ask any questions.

Explains common misconceptions and allows a good understanding of the best way to teach specific areas.

Excellent resources. A wide range of activities for discussions and practice with many ideas of different ways to teach presented.

TSST Physics Participants 2017

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Challenge Partners and in particular, the Herts and Bucks Hub and London West Alliance this year. I believe that we have designed and delivered a great project in partnership together and this is confirmed in the evaluation reports.

Colin Hegarty, Founder of HegartyMaths

“I really enjoyed the day. There was plenty of variety which provided lots of things to think about. Plenty of opportunities to consider current issues / concerns / changes. Good to talk to colleagues.” 

Science Teachers Conference 2017

 “Bending glass to make new things was most useful, this will enable me to save money for the school. I can now do demonstrations myself to the teachers .” 

Science Technicians Conference 2017

“Presented and facilitated with precision and care, this could have been a 2 week course! The OTAP has equipped me with ideas to bring into my everyday work. A fantastic course which every TA / LSA should have the opportunity to take.” 

OTAP Participant 2017

“I would love to attend a follow-up programme to be able to discuss how we have all progressed from the initial sessions.”

OTAP Participant 2017

“My questioning has changed, it has made me want to stretch and challenge the students more through questioning. I loved group working with new people and the working wall idea.”

OTAP Participant 2017

"The school has received a range of appropriate and timely support from the Herts and Bucks Teaching School Alliance…Training for leaders has resulted in improved leadership and management of assessment and monitoring systems in key stage 4. In addition the alliance has delivered bespoke practical support through regular training and mentoring of staff and the teaching of some classes by lead practitioners. This has helped to improve standards in English and Mathematics over the last year."

Bucks UTC Section 8 Inspection, January 16th 2017 

"Successful movement from Ofsted RI to Good in the Spring of 2016. We are delighted by the performance of the academy and wish to thanks the Herts and Bucks TSA and the wider Challenge Partners Hub for their crucial support in our journey of school improvement."

Ms. Deborah Warwick-Wilson, Principal
Francis Combe Academy 

"The impact of the support programme across the school was a significant factor mentioned by Ofsted in our recent inspection as a core reason for our sustained improvement, resulting in our recent 'Good' Ofsted grading. Work with school leadership and teachers helped greatly to improve the school." 

Mr. Jonathan Kemp, Headteacher
The Falconer's School

"School improvement is core to the role of the Buckinghamshire Learning Trust in local schools. We value the partnership with local teaching school alliances and appreciate the direct involvement of the Herts and Bucks TSA in facilitating primary school improvement."

Kate Rumboll, Director of Intervention
The Buckinghamshire Learning Trust 

"I wish to thank the Herts and Bucks TSA for the support they gave our Year 6 more able students in English and Maths. It was a significant contribution to us subsequently achieving a successful Ofsted outcome." 

Mrs. Pippa Bremner, Headteacher
Sarratt Church of England School 

“At GCSE / Key Stage 4, the percentage of students achieving 5+ A* - C grades improved by over 15% to 45% with the percentage of students achieving an A*C grade in English and/or Mathematics being virtually in line with national averages a truly important step forward for our learners! We also know that the so-called League Tables will measure progress, and that English was virtually at national averages. The input of our support school, St. Clement Danes, made a real difference to our students.”

Tony Withell, Headteacher
Buckinghamshire UTC 

“Use of the calculator most useful”, “Exam maths mapping most useful”, “Thank you – very useful day!”,  “Made me aware of what the expectations are” 

Science Learning Partnership course
Maths in Science Classroom 

“Outstanding session! Incredibly useful day, excellent teaching and wonderful resrouces. I am now applying for the TSST Physics course. Many thanks.”

"Lots of ideas for active learning in different topics. I learnt lots, a great day"  

Science Learning Partnership course
Active Learning Approaches in Physcis KS3 / KS4 - Jan 2017

“Practical sessions most useful – especially being able to discuss ideas with colleagues”, “Clear implementation ideas for taking to department”, “Past papers most useful – good to see how the practicals are embedded in the papers”, “A very well organised, informative course”, “Excellent CPD explaining the transition. Well organised day with relevant sessions and lots on information.” 

Science Learning Partnership course
Teachers Practical Work in GCSE

“Useful to look at the equipment – good day”, “Invaluable to see the Physics experiments set up”, “Microscale was very interesting”,  “Very useful day – it would have taken a long time to get through all the data individually”, “Thanks for an inclusive day with teachers” 

Science Learning Partnership course
Technicians Practical Work in GCSE

“All of the presenters were amazing and overall quality was excellent. Sharing experiences was so useful I would like to say ‘thank you’ and carry on holding these types of meetings!”

Science Teach Meet 2016

“I have identified several areas to improve and implant in my practice as well as develop 'trains of thought' to keep me developing as a teacher.”

OTP participant 2016 

“Made me analyse and reflect on my own teaching and made me want to improve.”

OTP participant 2016 

“The programme has challenged me to think about teaching, learning and my own classroom practice. Also how teaching and learning effective leadership.”

OTP participant 2016


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