The Package

Our ability to co-ordinate comprehensive delivery teams who can provide wide-ranging support and expertise is supported by our extensive partnership work, robust governance and the fact that the Alliance is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Danes Educational Trust. The latter ensures that strong financial procedures are in place with a detailed Scheme of Financial Delegation and a comprehensive Finance Manual to ensure that it adheres to the ESFA Academies Financial Handbook. Detailed financial reports are distributed to the Management Committee to ensure effective financial management and budget control. The Alliance is subject to regular Reporting Officer checks from an independent accountancy firm and the yearly audit is carried out by the audit firm, who ensure that the accounts are prepared in accordance with the ESFA Academies Account Direction.

All bids and action planning are underpinned by due diligence. Prior to any support work commencing, considered conversations regarding priority areas are held with the Senior Leaders of those schools with whom we work. A key feature of our support work in a number of schools is the appointment of an external Chair who conducts all half termly Action Group meetings (including representation from the governing body) and provides both the agenda and minutes. Thus transparency is assured in all working practice and there is a sustained focus upon assuring the quality and impact of the support work received.

  • 6/04/20 Today instead of taking holiday, many of our teaching colleagues will be caring for the children of key-workers in school. Thank you for your exceptional courage and selfless public service
  • 3/04/20 For all our trainees currently engaged in School Direct and PGCE programmes, has signed up to the free ITT sessions kindly offered by Institute during these extraordinary times. You will be receiving an e-mail guiding you through the process of joining today.
  • 3/04/20 It really is a pleasure to work with everyone who is part of . Wishing you all a wonderful break from the team Read more
  • 3/04/20 As we move towards Easter, a HUGE thank you to and and : 8 potential teacher trainees recruited in the past week: virtually, robustly and with attention to due process. Just so proud to know you all.