Facilitated by our CPD Lead, John O'Callaghan, The Herts & Bucks Teaching School Alliance offers a programme of secondments for both Senior Leaders and Middle Leaders across Alliance schools.

Senior Leadership Secondments

Senior Leaders visit a host Alliance school for two days. There is an agreed areas of focus for the visit which may concentrate on an issue of significance for the host school or reflect an area of responsibility the post holder may have in their established school. Opportunity is also given for shadowing SLT members in the host school to attend assorted leadership or school meetings. Schools will need to receive an SLT secondment in order to go to another school.

Middle Leadership Secondments

An area of development for the Alliance, we are looking at offering two-day Middle Leader secondments to those colleagues who aspire to progress to Senior Leadership within three years. A secondment will be open to any Middle Leader who has already completed or is undertaking the NPQML, StSS and / or whole school responsibility or who is an established SLE.

For further information or to apply for a secondment, please contact John O'Callaghan at: