The Outstanding Teacher Programme (OTP)

Aimed at teachers in mainstream and specialist primary and secondary schools, the OTP is designed by Olevi and provides teachers rated as 'good' with a set of skills and strategies that empowers them to deliver consistent and sustainable 'outstanding' lessons. It is also suitable for outstanding teachers who wish to develop their capacity to develop teaching and learning beyond their own classrooms, for the benefit of the wider school.

The programme is open to teachers from all Key stages who demonstrate and exhibit the drive and potential to deliver consistently outstanding lessons. The course comprises of 2 full days and 5 half days over 10 weeks.

What are the aims?

The core aims of the programme are to:

  • Develop a common language to discuss teaching and learning
  • Deepen the understanding of key aspects of outstanding teaching and learning
  • Encourage the teacher to become a more reflective practitioner
  • Develop coaching skills in order to develop the practice of others
  • Raise performance in the classroom, by encouraging and developing creativity and innovation by way of more comprehensive planning to actively engage every pupil in lessons
  • Understand how to deliver consistently outstanding lessons in practice


  • In order to be eligible, participants must have a minimum of two years teaching experience of value added data showing student progress and improving exam results.
  • Some external recognition that indicate participants have the ability to become outstanding teachers.
  • A commitment to professional development and the ability to reflect on their practice, including using student feedback to evaluate the impact of their teaching.
  • An interest in developing a coaching ethos within their classroom/or leading coaching within the school

Programme Structure and Involvement

The initial stage of the programme poses the question: “What makes an outstanding teacher?” There will be a combination of face-to-face workshops, classroom observation and learning walks in the host school, with follow-up challenges to complete in the participant's own school. Each session has a different teaching and learning focus including:

  • Engagement
  • Challenge
  • Starters and plenaries
  • Assessment
  • Differentiation
  • Questioning
  • Reflection and thinking skills
  • Coaching skills

Participants will be expected to complete post-session tasks back in their own school, to consolidate ideas from each session and apply them to their own context.
The programme runs over ten weeks. There will be a combination of face-to-face workshops, classroom observation within the host school and learning walks. Follow-up challenges to be completed in the participant’s own school will conclude the course.

The strength of the programme is in the expectation that participants will transfer their learning from each session to their own context / school through the post-session challenges. This ensures the impact is immediate and long-lasting.


Participants will need to be able to commit to attending all ten sessions. The programme works best if schools are able to send at least three teachers (except for Primary, PRUs and special schools) on the same course as it is helpful for participants to be able to discuss tasks and implementation of ideas relevant to their own setting.

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