How to Apply

What we are looking for

  • A minimum of one week’s experience in a secondary/primary school is essential.  Applicants are expected to complete a pre-application task and details are available on the Parmiter’s School website. 
  • Applicants without this experience are advised not to apply until the week in school is completed.
  • A high quality personal statement is essential as this will demonstrate your potential to teach and your command of the English language. 
  • Applicants will need to demonstrate an understanding of educational issues and have an awareness of what makes teaching effective.  The ability to enthuse and motivate pupils is also essential. 
  • Please note that the School Direct (Salaried) programme is aimed at career changers and it is expected that applicants will have three years’ experience in a career/valid work. 


In order to apply for a School Direct place you need to have: 

  • A UK undergraduate degree (2.2 or higher) or a recognised equivalent qualification 
  • A GCSE grade C or above in English and Mathematics. One GCSE in English is acceptable. IELTS with a pass mark of 6.5 is equivalent to Grade C English. 
  • You will need to pass your literacy and numeracy professional skills tests before you can commence training. You can do these at any point, even before you start applying. The first attempt at each skill test is free of charge. You may have two further attempts but will have to pay for these. After three unsuccessful attempts you would have to wait two years before retrying: 

Applications for a September 2019 start will be managed through UCAS Teacher Training. You will be able to make three choices with no restrictions as to route or age category. We must make a decision regarding your application within 40 working days and you will have a further 10 days to respond to any offer made. Only full-time training applications will be considered. If you studied outside the UK you need to contact National Academic Recognition Information Centre (NARIC) to find out whether your qualifications are equivalent to the required UK qualifications.

The selection day will be held in one of the Herts & Bucks TSA schools. This will include: 

  • Scrutiny of the application form. Please see above for the requirements 
  • A taught lesson. Information would be given to you two / three days before the interview day 
  • A discussion with a subject specialist regarding your current subject knowledge 
  • A general writing task on an educational issue to assess literacy and general communication 
  • An interview with a panel  

You will be asked to supply two references. 


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Posted on: 11/07/2018

Women in Leadership : Be the Change

Brooke Weston TSA The Women Leading in Education Coaching Pledge is already making a difference to hundreds of aspiring female leaders.  Our goal is to expand the pool of willing, trained coaches even further. The more coaches we have, the more women can be empowered to gain the leadership roles they deserve.  Here's how we can achieve this goal together: Sign up to be a coach and encourage others to do so. Anyone can be a coach (male, female, teacher, leader, support staff, governors, trustees - any phase, any level of experience) so please spread the word far and wide:   Join our webinar on Monday 16th July at 7pm. The webinar will be a chance for coaches, coachees and anyone interested to hear all about the pledge, share success stories and ask any questions. The link will be posted on the Brooke Weston TSA website from Monday 9th July.  You can access the web page here.  You don't need to sign up for the webinar, just join us and ask questions via Twitter using the hashtag #coachingpledge. Please spread the word.    Join the conversation on Twitter.  Follow @bwteachschool and let us know how the Coaching Pledge is making a difference in your school or alliance. Look out for a whole day of #coachingpledge chat on Monday 16th July.     Share the success. Fancy writing a guest blog about how coaching can make the difference? Just let us know. We will be publishing our own coaching blog later this month, written by guest blogger Carly Waterman.