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Posted on 3 Nov 2020

TSA Sport England Project

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Project Aims

Free training for teachers in every secondary school to help foster a more positive attitude to PE.

To increase participation in physical activity amongst key target groups.

To raise awareness of the benefits of physical activity to promote wellbeing.

How does the programme work?

Funding is distributed via the network of Teaching School Alliances (TSA) and other appropriate school partnerships. TSAs and partnerships are given free support by an expert consultant from either the Youth Sport Trust or Association for Physical Education over three academic terms to plan a project based on the needs of their staff and students, access relevant mentoring and training, implement the project in schools and measure the impact of their work.

What can the funding be used for?

It’s a fully flexible programme – funding can be used to upskill teachers, improve the quality and breadth of PE, and develop schools’ PE offer so that it acts as a lever for wider educational outcomes. We encourage projects that:  

  • Develop pupils’ mental wellbeing, confidence and resilience through PE, school sport and physical activities that prioritise pupil enjoyment
  • Create opportunities for all pupils – including those who don’t like PE – to try new activities (such as non-traditional sports and fitness classes) so they can discover ways to be physically active that work for them
  • Explore how PE, school sport and physical activity can contribute to, or complement, core curriculum subjects by finding ways to bring activity into other subjects' lessons.

What impact is the programme having?

The pilot phase, which launched in spring 2018 with 38 schools across England, has shown that:

  • Funding has enabled students to have greater choice in what activities they do in PE and how competitive they want to be
  • More than half of the students surveyed enjoyed PE more than last year, with more than 90% experiencing new activities in PE
  • Teachers reported an increased perception of the importance of PE and physical education in school, and a greater number of teachers agree that they have a responsibility to discuss and encourage physical activity.


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