Training Code of Conduct

Working with Others

As expected of the Teacher Standards, we ask you to be respectful and considerate at all times, showing due awareness of the context within which you are working and / or training. Inappropriate language or making comments that could be deemed offensive or disrespectful to others are not accepted. We also ask that, if requested, you maintain confidentiality within any group work undertaken and, as a matter of course, avoid sharing personal or sensitive information about others beyond the learning environment.

Dress Code

Our programmes of study and training sessions are held across a range of schools and venues, and include opportunities to engage with students and to interact with teachers and other members of staff. Our dress code is smart professional and we model our high expectations of staff and students at all times.

Time-keeping and Mobile Phones

Please aim to arrive in good time for all programmes of study and when attending training opportunities, including School Experience Programmes. Mobile phones should be turned off or to 'silent' when within a school environment and, as a matter of courtesy, during any training sessions which are attended, irrespective of venue.  


It is our policy to keep the students and young people in our care safe from harm. If you have a concern about a young person's safety or well-being, please inform the relevant personnel within your working environment immediately.  


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Posted on: 11/07/2018

Women in Leadership : Be the Change

Brooke Weston TSA The Women Leading in Education Coaching Pledge is already making a difference to hundreds of aspiring female leaders.  Our goal is to expand the pool of willing, trained coaches even further. The more coaches we have, the more women can be empowered to gain the leadership roles they deserve.  Here's how we can achieve this goal together: Sign up to be a coach and encourage others to do so. Anyone can be a coach (male, female, teacher, leader, support staff, governors, trustees - any phase, any level of experience) so please spread the word far and wide:   Join our webinar on Monday 16th July at 7pm. The webinar will be a chance for coaches, coachees and anyone interested to hear all about the pledge, share success stories and ask any questions. The link will be posted on the Brooke Weston TSA website from Monday 9th July.  You can access the web page here.  You don't need to sign up for the webinar, just join us and ask questions via Twitter using the hashtag #coachingpledge. Please spread the word.    Join the conversation on Twitter.  Follow @bwteachschool and let us know how the Coaching Pledge is making a difference in your school or alliance. Look out for a whole day of #coachingpledge chat on Monday 16th July.     Share the success. Fancy writing a guest blog about how coaching can make the difference? Just let us know. We will be publishing our own coaching blog later this month, written by guest blogger Carly Waterman.