General Information

The Herts & Bucks Teaching School Alliance offers a school-led partnership route into teacher training (School Direct) with the University of Hertfordshire. On the School Direct programme, the schools play a major role in candidate selection. If the school has a vacancy at the end of the training, they can keep you on as a newly qualified teacher. In recent years, all trainees have secured a NQT teaching post with the majority of trainees employed at schools within the Herts & Bucks TSA.

There are two types of School Direct course:

Unsalaried School Direct

This is similar to a course led by a university where you commonly attend the same training as PGCE trainees. You will still have a university mentor and they will award the QTS status at the end of your training. You will get experience in a second contrasting placement school and pay the university tuition fees (£9,250). The advantage of unsalaried partnership courses is the close relationship that you build with your host school, the potential to be able to carry on into employment, the close involvement of the university and the added value that Herts & Bucks TSA offer through additional CPD. DfE bursaries are available to you, see HERE. On many secondary courses the DfE bursaries make them as financially beneficial as a salaried course.

Salaried School Direct

Some schools want trainees to gain as much experience in the classroom as possible, rather than training part time at the university. On a salaried QTS course, almost all your training takes place in school; the school pays you a salary while you train and Herts & Bucks TSA pays the tuition fees. To be eligible for a salaried course, you need a level of maturity to operate as a responsible member of staff in a school. The School Direct course enable a greater focus on training in the classroom which is highly valued by many schools.