Aspiring Leaders in Partnership with CamStar

As a strategic partner of the Herts and Bucks TSA, Dr Challoner’s High School work in partnership with Dr Challoner's Grammar School, The Reach Free School, St Clement Danes School and the Herts and Bucks Challenge Partners' Hub to afford aspiring middle and senior leaders the opportunity to develop the requisite skills for success in middle/senior leadership positions.

The training programme will combine in-school seminars with collaborative research CPD between local schools. Participants who have already successfully completed the Aspiring Leaders course will be expected to engage in the CamStar specific sessions. All other participants will be expected to engage in the full programme of training (both leadership and CamStar sessions).

CamStar will follow a guided action research model. Participants are asked to identify a specific problem within the realms of the School Improvement Plan that they would like to address. Their proposed idea will then be submitted for approval. Subsequently, participants will need to conduct a short literature review and carry out their research project over the course of the year.

Both teachers and non-teaching staff are able to undertake research at three levels:

  • Improving personal practice - Focusing on an aspect of teaching and learning/pastoral care that an individual wants to improve upon - Aimed at NQT+1 or NQT+2
  • Improving practice across a small group - Focusing on an aspect of teaching and learning/pastoral care across a subject area, part of a year group or other small group - Aimed at relatively experienced teachers.
  • Improving practice across a large group/whole school - Focusing on an aspect of teaching and learning/pastoral care across a Curriculum Area, year group or even whole school - Aimed at experienced teachers.

The support programme (see below and attached as a pdf) will be the same for all three levels; this will allow practice to be shared as widely as possible and enable discussions to draw on a wide range of experience and opinions.

Accreditation and outcomes

The participants will produce a report of 2,000 words and present their findings at a celebration event. The project will be accredited by CamStar (Cambridge, School Teachers and Research).

Participants will have access to courses and conferences run by CamStar in addition to the sessions listed below. As well as this all reports may be published for public research.

The combination of CamStar accreditation, hosting research CPD and publishing the findings will help to raise the profile of research within the school and wider-community. In addition to this, research engagement will help to develop the pedagogy and skill set of all participants.

If you would like to sign up for the three FREE Action Research CPD sessions, please see here.

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Posted on: 11/07/2018

Women in Leadership : Be the Change

Brooke Weston TSA The Women Leading in Education Coaching Pledge is already making a difference to hundreds of aspiring female leaders.  Our goal is to expand the pool of willing, trained coaches even further. The more coaches we have, the more women can be empowered to gain the leadership roles they deserve.  Here's how we can achieve this goal together: Sign up to be a coach and encourage others to do so. Anyone can be a coach (male, female, teacher, leader, support staff, governors, trustees - any phase, any level of experience) so please spread the word far and wide:   Join our webinar on Monday 16th July at 7pm. The webinar will be a chance for coaches, coachees and anyone interested to hear all about the pledge, share success stories and ask any questions. The link will be posted on the Brooke Weston TSA website from Monday 9th July.  You can access the web page here.  You don't need to sign up for the webinar, just join us and ask questions via Twitter using the hashtag #coachingpledge. Please spread the word.    Join the conversation on Twitter.  Follow @bwteachschool and let us know how the Coaching Pledge is making a difference in your school or alliance. Look out for a whole day of #coachingpledge chat on Monday 16th July.     Share the success. Fancy writing a guest blog about how coaching can make the difference? Just let us know. We will be publishing our own coaching blog later this month, written by guest blogger Carly Waterman.