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The Herts & Bucks Teaching School Alliance is a collaboration of schools, universities and local authority learning trusts in the south of Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire who have combined with the aim of sustaining and promoting an exceptional quality of education for the students and communities they serve. Each organisation involved shares a common ethos to deliver outstanding student outcome, has a proven track record of good practice and a desire to deliver world class education.
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  • 24/05/19 Chris Powell ITT Lead, will be giving teachers advice on how to reduce workload. Chris will be taking live questions during and after the webinar. Join for free and spread the word! for top tips and tricks on reducing workload Read more
  • 22/05/19 Academy trusts should avoid a “one-size-fits-all” policy for improving retention across their schools, new research from suggests: Read more Read more
  • 17/05/19 Tackling disadvantage: selected research From our very own , Director of Education and Research Read more Read more
  • 17/05/19 A very real privilege to talk to Dominic Herrington about the work of our Teaching School today. Read more