The English Hub

The English Hub is a proposal led by Kate Brown at Dr Challoner's High School.

Aims and intentions

  • To facilitate a series of regular meetings that enable HOFs, HODs TLR holders and English teachers from across schools within the Herts and Bucks Teaching School Alliance to share good practice.
  • These meetings would differ from the traditional 'hub' meetings offered by Bucks Learning Trust and the exam boards, as they require attendees to bring a selection of relevant resources and documents that can be physically shared. The intention is that all attendees will leave each meeting with tangible examples of work/strategies that they can immediately share with their respective teams
  • The agenda items and foci for the remainder of this academic year 2016-17 are outlined in the table below. These topics have been selected based on the development plan priorities of most schools. These topics are hopefully applicable to all school contexts and exam boards.
  • The development needs for the remainder of the period 2017-18 can be discussed at the first meeting
  • KB will chair each meeting. Additional speakers may choose to lead sections of the meetings.