Network Hubs

Under the leadership of Lizzie Berks and Jan Stevens, both from Parmiter’s School, Curriculum Deputies and Pastoral Leads meet regularly across the academic year with a focus upon sharing best practice and providing a cross-Alliance support network for colleagues from Herts and Bucks TSA and The Advanced Alliance.

Similarly curriculum hubs are hosted on a rotational basis and sustain a focus upon curriculum change, specification coverage and teaching and learning. Led by Heads of Faculty from cross-Alliance schools, they provide colleagues with the opportunity to share good practice, discuss curriculum concerns and consider innovative approaches to teaching and learning within specific curriculum areas.


Wednesday 27th September
2 - 4pm
St Clement Danes, Chorleywood WD3 6EW


Hosted by SLP Lead facilitator, Mandy Quinton.

The agenda for the meeting is provided below, although colleagues are welcome to suggest items.

Agenda for HoD network meeting

  • Discussion of the problems and solutions for KS4 SOW for linear science GCSE. (All)
  • Practical Assessment at KS4 and KS5. (All)
  • Please bring and share one resource for each Key Stage. It can be a teaching resource/ examples of best practise/ examples of marking
  • What strategies are you using to ensure KS3 curriculum prepares students for the rigours of KS4? (All)
  • Science Capital: What does the research show, how does it apply to us and what do we need to implement? (MQ)
  • Recruitment and Retention of science staff. (NC)
  • Discussion of agenda items for next meeting. (All)
  • Date and location of next meeting

For further information regarding 2017 – 2018 Hub meetings or if you would like to come along, please contact