The Package

Please find below an example of the range of a support package which might be offered in consultation with the host school.

Priority Area for support 

Business Studies 
Past Action (See NOVs) Visit to … to observe current practice / make recommendations for improved practice and future actions 
Projected Action  … to spend time developing CA (Unit 2) structure and assessment framework for better CA outcomes, to include paired standardisation 
… to offer CPD on criteria for examined units to develop better understanding of assessment for marking 
…  to deliver and model introductory lesson for Year 11 students regarding CA 
By whom HOF Business 
Timings … to visit SCD – Fri pm meeting time x 2 hours – … available from 30.09.16 
To occur after the 2 x hours support session outlined above 
Action completed   
Cost £58 per hour + travel 
Priority Area for support  Mathematics 
Past Action (See NOVs)  Visit to … 13.07.16 – points for action compiled in readiness for September start 
Projected Action  … to model teaching / sharing of good practice with Year 11 Maths class to be taught by … (period 2 Tuesday am).  Follow up TBC in light of … timetable 
…to ensure that valid KS2 baseline data is included within Faculty assessment sheets 
… to explore the possibility of Faculty support for Parents’ Evenings 
By whom  SLE Mathematics 
Timings   To commence 11.10.16 with initial meeting + follow up to action points from 13.07.16 (whole morning) 
Action completed  
Cost  £66 per hour + travel 
Priority Area for support  Science
Past Action (See NOVs)  N / A  N / A  
Projected Action  … to teach pre-identified students on a three weekly cycle + … to provide support for curriculum planning including consideration of how best to deliver Triple Science in the future (to include learning walk and discussion followed by action plan) 
… to explore the possibility of Faculty support for Parents’ Evenings 
… identified staff to attend Active Teaching in Physics Day (SCD)
By whom  1 x Science SLE  2 x Science SLEs … Science teacher(s) 
Timings  Every 3 weeks (TBC) for pre-planned specific ‘Bridge the Gap’  05.10.16 am 20.12.16
Action completed      
Cost  £58 per hour + travel  £66 per hour + travel £66 per hour + travel
Priority Area for support  Literacy 
Past Action (See NOVs)  N / A 
Projected Action  …to conduct work centred upon how best to embed a Literacy focus across the school 
By whom  Head of Oracy / Literacy 
Timings   Two hours 
Action completed (TBC) 
Cost £58 per hour + travel 
Priority Area for support  Coaching / Support / Growth Mindset
Past Action (See NOVs) 

Visits to … 25.05.16 and 09.06.16  

+ 14.09.16 (to be charged x 2 hours) – focused upon social and emotional needs ‘agenda’ 

Projected Action … to present to staff, students and parents the possibilities inherent in becoming a Growth Mindset School + follow up 
By whom  Outside ‘link’ speaker SLE behaviour and discipline
Action completed    
Cost  £325 + travel at 50p per mile £66 per hour 
Previous Priority Area for support  English 
Past Action (See NOVs)  Visits to … to provide staff support with planning, assessment and moderation + team teaching of identified students 
Projected Action  N/A 
By whom  SLE ITT / CPD (English Specialist) 
Timings   N/A
Cost  Previously accounted for 
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